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We are a bonded, licensed & insured carrier – specializing in the transport of liquid and dry commodities.

Green Trucking headquarters are located in Paramount, California where we service Southern and Central California. We also have a secondary location in Fremont, California which services Tesla Motors and other Bay Area clients.

Serving Southern & Central California

Green Trucking operates a “clean fleet” in the Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland, California.

Environmentally Friendly Transportation Services

We are compliant with all California regulations and meet the highest environmental standards.

Flexi-Tank, Tri-Axle & Iso Tank Transportation Services


We are certified to install and provide logistics services for Flexi-Tanks.

With our highly trained fitters, we can work any choice of flexi-bag into a 20ft shipping container.

We can accommodate both Top Load and Bottom Discharge Bags.

We currently service the following Flexi-Tank providers:




Pratt and Chief Trailers are our trailers of choice.

The lightweight chassis are built with steel frames to reduce the tare weight and increase the payload capability.

Our specialized equipment allows us to transport heavy weight containers to our facility or the customer’s location for trans-loads or live unloads.

The tri-axle chassis allows us to legally deliver containers up to 48,000 lbs throughout California.


20ft Tri-Axle

  • Tri-axle, spring suspension
  • ABS brakes w/ automatic slack adjusters
  • 10-hole Steel Hubs/Cast Drums
  • 255/70R22.5 16 Ply radial tires
  • Conspicuity striping
  • 10-hole Steel Hub Piloted wheels
  • Mud flaps
  • Light Weight – Heavy Duty Frame Design
  • Tare Weight: 9,290 lbs

20ft ISO Tank Chassis

  • 43′ DC-Model 9′ spread spring ride for 20′ ISO containers.
  • Nominal Length: 43′
  • Nominal Width: 96″
  • King Pin Location: 16″
  • Fifth Wheel Height: 48″
  • Rear Deck Height: 44″
  • Landing Gear Location: 115″
  • Number of Axles: 2
  • Axle Spread 109″ (TANDEM)
  • Tare Weight 7,340 LBS +/- 3%


The safety of our drivers and your cargo is of utmost importance.

All of our units are equipped with GPS monitors.

We are able to monitor truck speed and track drivers’ moves throughout the day. These units can pinpoint exact times and locations of your cargo.